From Drama to Dharma Embark on a deep healing journey with Ayurvedic Psychology

Frederieke Couvee - Healing the Dhātu's

You regularly encounter situations that trigger you. Or perhaps you are currently in a situation where you are emotionally challenged. Maybe you feel a strong desire to get to know yourself on a soul level, to discover why you are here on Earth and what you need to walk your life path in connection with the universe.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?

I certainly do. Throughout my life, I have been challenged by my emotions, my (self-created) drama's. When Ayurveda came into my life almost twenty years ago, it marked the beginning of a profound healing journey for me. And by that, I don't mean just adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle; no, the healing went much deeper!

I learned who I was at my essence, a soul that had identified itself with this body and the experiences life gave me. I began to understand more and more that everything that happened to me in my life was a reflection of the assumptions and beliefs I had accumulated about myself and the world. I walked around with unprocessed emotions that had a significant impact on my life and only attracted more drama.

I also learned that the dosha's Vata, Pitta, and Kapha have a strong psychological influence: the more imbalanced the dosha's are, the less control we have over our emotions.

During my journey, I not only gained fascinating insights but also found remedies to heal my own drama. Moreover, I discovered how to use all the events in my daily life to become spiritually purer. I tried the remedies on myself and then on my clients. I developed a roadmap with simple steps that I could use in any situation. I still use this roadmap for myself every day.

And... I have good news for you! Based on all my experiences and knowledge, I have developed a beautiful online program: From Drama to Dharma. In this program, you will apply the roadmap to not only heal your emotions but also transform them, so you can better understand who you are and what you are here to do (this is what we call your Dharma in the Veda's).

The program is a deep transformation at the level of consciousness, helping you break free from old patterns and assisting you in creating true magic in your life.

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For who is this program?

From Drama to Dharma is an online program in which, guided by a logical step-by-step plan, you embark on a profound journey with yourself. A journey in which you not only heal your emotions but use them as a gateway to discover and transform your Samskars (wounds of your soul) at a deep level. This program is truly for you if you:

Feel that it's time to heal on a deep level
Feel that it's time to break through certain old patterns
Feel the desire to lead a free and happy life
Are searching for your deeper life purpose
Are willing to take full responsibility for your own life
Are open to spiritual concepts such as reincarnation and karma
Feel that there is more and experience a deep desire to connect with it
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What will you learn?

The Vedic concepts about Samskars: how you have carried impressions from past lives and the significant influence they have in shaping the life you attract.
About karma: what karma is, how it influences your life, and how you can heal karmic patterns.
About the doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, how they influence your emotions, and how you can balance the dosha's with simple remedies, leading to a much more stable life.
About the concept of dharma: how to make decisions from your higher consciousness rather than from your unresolved trauma's.
About setting affirmations: how to create a future memory that attracts your perfect life.
About sticky stuff (undigested emotions): how to recognize sticky stuff and what you can do to digest them. So that you don't just 'place' things but bid them farewell forever.
About relationships: how others mirror you and what you can do to separate energies. So that you can take full responsibility for your own part and leave the rest to the other person.
About sadhana: which spiritual rituals you can employ to strengthen your connection with the Divine.

How does it work?

First, choose the package that suits you best: the basic package or the VIP package (FULL). Do you want to pay in installments? That's possible! Just send us an email (

The program contains:

  • Access to the online platform with inspiring video's and audio's
  • Reflective assignments that provide deep insights about yourself
  • Remedies in the form of nutrition, lifestyle, exercises, and meditations
  • One year of access to monthly webinars
  • Two years of access to the program
  • 2 Online consults with Frederieke
  • 2 x SOS support in the form of an audio file with personal guidance

Basic package

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VIP package

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  • Toegang tot de online omgeving met
  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment by email. This email will also contain all the information you need to get started. If you have chosen the VIP package, you will also receive a link to schedule your online consultations with Frederieke.

  • After your registration, you will receive access to the online platform via a link in the email. This platform includes inspiring videos, audios, reflection exercises, and remedies, among other things.

  • You have access to the program for two years. Whenever you encounter challenges in your life, you can apply the steps again. After two years, you have the option to extend this access.

  • Every month, there is a webinar where we further delve into the concepts based on your questions. These webinars are recorded, so you can always review them. You receive free access to the webinars for one year. You have the option to extend this access afterward.

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From Drama to Dharma


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